Welcome Ice Climbers

Ice climbing is already a dangerous sport. Why compound the problem with hard to place screws. There you are on a vertical column hanging off a single tool, forearms starting to build lactic acid and your screw just will not start. How about that thin run-out that only takes tied off 10's. Wish you had a Super Stubby?

 All ice screws are sharpened using a CNC milling machine. This produces precision teeth that are sharper than new.  Sharpening only removes about 1.5mm. So sharpening a screw several times changes a 16cm into a 15cm.

 To keep the price competitive we collect all ice screws by a deadline and machine them as one large batch.

Please don't send any screws until one month before deadline

Until further notice I'm not accepting any shipments from the US.


Deadline For Batch Run

Friday, May 10 2024

All screw MUST arrive by this date