Welcome Ice Climbers

Ice climbing is already a dangerous sport. Why compound the problem with hard to place screws. There you are on a vertical column hanging off a single tool, forearms starting to build lactic acid and your screw just will not start. How about that thin run-out that only takes tied off 10's. Wish you had a Super Stubby?

All ice screws are sharpened using a CNC milling machine. This produces precision teeth that are sharper than new. Sharpening only removes about 1.5mm. So sharpening a screw several times changes a 16cm into a 15cm.

To keep the price competitive we collect all ice screws by a deadline and machine them as one large batch.

I am now accepting screws from the USA

Deadline For Batch Run

Friday, September 30 2022

All screw MUST arrive by this date