Ice Screw

I use an aggressive tooth profile so these screws start much easier. The tooth face has a slight angle to enhance the bite and make the screw hold better in the ice when starting.

Ice Screw Sharpening removes about 1.5mm** from a dull screw. That's 6x sharpening, which would bring a 16cm down to 15cm. That's a lot of climbing. **Unless damaged

The CNC machining process is cooled so NO HEAT is generated that could damage the heat treatment of the screw.

These ice screws come out sharper than new. I can apply this aggressive tooth profile to any generation of Black Diamond Express or BD Turbo ice screw. Saving you money in not having to buy new screws. Petzl, Grivel, DMM and Omega Pacific ice screws can be sharpened with an aggressive tooth profile as well. Including the aluminum screws from Petzl and Black Diamond.

No Titanium screws.

All sizes 10cm - 22cm