To keep the price to a minimum I collect all ice screws by a deadline and machine them as one large batch.
Don't worry I keep everybody's screw separate.

$10.00/ea Sharpening an Ice Screw or re-sharpen an existing Super Stubby *
$25.00/ea Modify 10cm Screw into NEW Super Stubby **
$25.00/ea Modify 3 tooth to 4 tooth or vise versa ***
+ Shipping & Insurance if required

All screws are lightly lubed and come with a protective end cap.

* 10-22cm Screws are sharpened to an Aggressive Tooth Profile
* Super Stubbies are sharpened to a sharp but Non-Aggressive profile
** This is a custom order, specify #4-#8. Modified from a customer's supplied 10cm screw.
*** This removes 1cm from total length

Prefered payments:
Interac e-transfer to:
PayPal to:

Or Check / Money Order payable to: Charles Pechousek

If you have a large amount 25+ of screws.

For any questions or special requests.

Send me an e-mail